Android OS is very popular due to tons of Apps that it offers. There are more than 5,00,000 Apps on the Google Play Store. Some of these are paid Apps while majority are free. In addition, paid Apps have a lite version (free version) with less features and functionalities. So the question arises, how do the developers make money from the free Apps? This is where the advertisements more commonly known as “Ads” come into picture.


Almost all the games have a certain section of the screen space reserved for the Ads. The developers get their income just by displaying these Ads. It doesn’t depend on whether the user clicks on the Ad. So, in a way the Ads are good because the developers are getting their worth for the hours spent on making the Apps. But there are some Ads which literally take up the entire screen space. While playing a game, if the user clicks on the Ad then the user will be redirected to that Ad resulting in an interruption in the ongoing game. Another problem is that some Ads are outright vulgar.

All these problems can be avoided by blocking the Ads. This is a simple tutorial to block Ads. This method will disable the” full Internet access (android.permission.Internet)” permission of the App. But the Internet connection will not be affected. It is applicable only for the CyanogenMod based ROMs. It is advisable to use it for games and not Apps like WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook etc. which require an active Internet connection.


  • A rooted Android device.
  • Android device must operate on a CyanogenMod based ROM.(only till CM7.2, CM 9 and onwards do not support this feature)


  1. Press Menu. Go to Settings, then CyanogenMod settings.
  2. Click on Application. Scroll down and tick the  Permission Management check-box.
  3. Go back to Settings.
  4. Then click on Applications.
  5. Choose the Manage Applications option.
  6. A list of downloaded applications will be displayed. Choose the application for which you want to block the Ad.
  7. Scroll down and the following screen will appear.
    Internet Permission
  8. Tap on “full Internet access (android.permission.Internet)”.
  9. Now the screen will appear with a cancelled¬†“full Internet access (android.permission.Internet)” permission.
  10. The Ads won’t appear on the App anymore!

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