The iDevices have a traditional design with the facilitation of a single button on the front facing side of the device. It is a trademark design with respect to the overall appearance and for the several functionalities that are associated with it.

The Home button serves the necessitated functionalities by performing various actions depending on the number of times it is clicked during a specific time period. The Home button provides an advantageous perspective for fulfilling tasks like bringing up lock screen music controls, showing the multitasking bar, inverting the screen, etc. However, it is an irritating phenomenon if there are problems associated with the speed of the Home Button. Sometimes performing multiple clicks becomes difficult due to the presence of the faulty Home button.

Sometimes, the Home button can prove to be an irksome facilitation on your device. The speed in relation to clicking of the Home screen can result in creating a problematic situation for some users. In some instances, the button might require double or triple taps to work. However, iOS 6 onwards every individual can easily make changes with respect to speed of activating the Home button. The following steps assist the progress in fulfilling this task:

  1. At the beginning you will need to open the Settings App.
  2. Thereafter, Go to General and choose Accessibility.
  3. Select “Home-click Speed” and then simply tap on which ever speed as you like. Just choose between the three different speeds. You can choose on either “Slow” or “Slowest” from the options to select the new Home click setting.
  4. Now, the iOS device will vibrate. This notified attempt is a signal for the user to note that required click speed has been made functional.

Ideally, the “Slow” setting is a perfect selection for most of the people. However, the “Slowest” option is a good fit for the other individuals as well. This will help in preventing a lot of frustration. Also, you need to ensure that your iDevice runs on iOS 6 or later to perform this action. It works similarly on an iPad, iPod, or iPhone!

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