An Android Smartphone offers huge advantages over any other phone. However, it is known to have a very poor battery life. There are various ways by which the user can extend the battery life- turning off the auto sync, disabling 3G network, reducing the screen brightness etc. Reducing the brightness of the screen is the most common way used by the Android users to save the battery life. The brightness can be increased/decreased by going in settings. There is an alternative and a much easier way of reducing the screen brightness for the people running on Touchwiz, CyanogenMod and the AOKP based ROMs.

Brightness Control

In this method, brightness can be controlled from the Notification Bar. This isn’t any external mod. Samsung was the first to introduce this on Touchwiz 3 and CyanogenMod and AOKP followed suit. The user has to make sure that he/she has turned off auto brightness for this to work. Just follow the steps given below.


  • Touchwiz users, go to Settings >> Display >> Brightness and deselect the “Automatic brightness” option. Touchwiz Brightness Control1
  • The users running on the AOKP based ROM will need to enable this feature first. Go to Settings >> ROM Control >> Statusbar/General >> Enable brightness control.
  •  In CyanogenMod, the user will need to enable this feature as well. Go to Settings >> CyanogenMod Settings >> Interface >> Status bar tweaks. And now check the “Status bar brightness control” option. CM Brightness Control1
  • After completing this, just swipe the status bar from right to left to decrease the brightness. Swipe the status bar from left to right to increase the brightness.

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