During several instances it may so happen that during the time that you want to convert documents from one format to another, then most of the times it will be a gruesome process and will constitute all the tedious tasks. Then you will embark on finding the perfect utility that provides the necessitated functionalities to complete this particular process.

Therefore to simplify the entire situation and to make matters easy, an advantageous utility proves as a resourceful exhibition with respect to converting any document to any other format with just a matter of clicks. Thus Wondershare is a beneficial utility that supports over 300 formats and is regarded as a robust tool in executing the respective process. Wondershare a complete PDF Solution Package provides the helpful benefits that assist the progress in managing the PDF Documents seamlessly and effortlessly. Utilizing such a tool, the individual has the option to convert 300 formats such as image files, MS Office Files, powerpoint files and more into the specific PDF files. Therefore these specific documents can be merged efficiently and this action can be performed by using a single tool called Wondershare PDF Editor.

iWork works in the manner that the user is entitled to have MS Office on your PC. This tool devised a specific amalgamation of the Keynote and Pages integrating their features and other aspects to produce an efficient product that provides the necessitated functionalities.

Features of Wondershare PDF Editor

  •  Create PDF from Documents
  •  Edit PDF Text and Images
  •  Convert PDF to Word/Excel
  • Review & Annotate
  • Fill and Customize PDF Forms
  • Protect PDF with a Password
  • Sign PDF with Digital Signatures
  • OCR Digitizes Text


  1. At the beginning, you will need to download and install PDF to Pages Converter from the Wondershare website. This particularized software is available for the Windows platforms and as well as MAC OS.
  2. Subsequently after you have downloaded the specific software, you should install the same. Afterwards launch it to open the PDF to Pages Converter. This helps in converting the PDF to Pages format.
  3. Hereafter, you will need to click on the convert button. This is present in the toolbar window and from here you can easily view an output format for the PDF file window.
  4. Next, select Microsoft Office Word (.docx) as the output format. This is because it can be opened directly with iWork.
  5. Thereafter, click on the convert button once you select the file output format. This results in automatically saving the desired file to your respective iWork Pages.

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