Traditionally the Windows Phone 8 system provides the necessary mechanisms to play a sound for each and every action performed. These actions can range from small actions like a key press to significantly higher methods like camera shutter, or other notifications from respective applications. Therefore providing the sound to the user is a beneficial utility with respect to notifying the individual about the respective phenomenon. But over a period of time, this can get irritating in various instances. It is irksome that the phone will play a sound on every time the user presses a key. This can also result in draining the battery. Hence described below is a sequential procedure to disable these sounds for your own good.wp8


  1. At the beginning, go to the app list & choose Settings by simply swiping to the left of the screen.
  2. After you enter the Settings section, next you should select the “ringtones + sounds” option. This is present at the top of the screen.
  3. Thereafter you can view several options that you can enable or disable. This can be found at the bottom of ringtones + sounds section and it is present under “Play a sound for”. Usually all the elements are predefined to provide notifications to the user. Thus the individual is notified by sound for all the elements like Reminders, Key press, Lock and unlock, Camera shutter. Here you will have to uncheck the options which you want to mute.uncheck the options
  4. After you uncheck the respective options, you have completed your motive. However at a later point of time if you wish to re-enable any sound elements again, then you will have to repeat the aforementioned steps.

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