Slowly and steadily as newer and better Smartphones enter the market with the advancing age, these specific products surface up for the betterment of the developing technology. These advancements are delivered with a plethora of features & having other distinguishable peculiarities from the others. The various sets of notabilities that are brought along with the functional handsets provide the necessary highlighting aspects from the other innovations.

It is a well-known fact that Android has the capability to integrate Google’s various services. This includes Gmail, Skydrive as well as even Picasa. The syncing of these applications happens in a easy fashion based on the account listing on the particular device. Hence, Picasa’s Web Albums get synced into the default Gallery app which is present on the particular device.picasa-logo

Thus, the Gallery app is a congested mess along when these specific operations sync the respective albums that results in disorientation in the Gallery app. Therefore, the organization with respect to the Gallery App stays in disarray.  Usually the default Gallery App is functional on the device to provide the glimpse of the photos, videos on the handheld device. Also, photos can be synced on the device from various sources. These may either include the social media networks Picasa web albums, Facebook photos or others like Dropbox.

When the user wants only the photos to be viewed, for performing this task the individual has to disable the process of syncing these accounts. Also, the data needs to be cleared on the Gallery app so as to remove the synced photos that were previously synced.

The following steps should work on almost all versions of Android. There can be a problem with the appearance of the menu icons. These could differ in perspective with the rest. Also, the process is only operational considering the user has setup the particular Google account on the handset.

Steps to discontinue syncing of Picasa Web Albums to Gallery App

  1. At the beginning, the user must go to the Settings. Here the option of Accounts must be selected.
  2. Afterwards, the appropriate Google account must be selected. Consequently, one must tap on the account name. Thereafter, the sync settings must be changed.
  3. In this direction, the user should scroll down to the bottom of the list and uncheck on the “Sync Picasa Web albums” option.
  4. Posterior to the operation above, the user must go back to Settings. Now, the individual should enter Applications or Apps or Application Manager.
  5. This is dependent and based on the Android version as well as configuration.
  6. Succeeding the steps, the user must go to the Applications and select All.
  7. Here scrolling don the list, the user should select the Gallery after finding it initially.
  8. Later the user must put to mission the Clear Data and Clear Cache options. This enables clearing of the cache. It also aids in clearing the Picasa web albums which were previously synced.
  9. To testify the procedure, the user must return back to the Gallery App. Upon observation, the individual will have a view of only the local photos and videos now.

The same procedure can be used with the Dropbox and the Facebook media which present their availability in the Gallery application. The steps will be the same to clear the data, cache on the Gallery app. To avail this facility the user will need to go to the respective account in Settings. Then choose Accounts and subsequently uncheck the sync photos options.

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