It is a general consensus that the maps that reside on the Windows Phone require a dedicated and active internet connection to provide the necessary functional aspects in executing the specified operation. This is because the data¬†isn’t¬†locally stored on the device. However in some cases, the user would want to utilize these offline due to various circumstances. This can be due to the mobile signal being weak or during several other instances when the user wants to save battery. In such cases the user can simply download several maps onto their device to utilize these for the offline use.wp8


  1. You will need to choose Settings at the beginning. This can be done by simply swiping onto the left hand side of the screen and then the user can simply select it from the live tiles screen of the phone.
  2. During the time that you are in the Settings, you will need to swipe to the left hand side of the screen again so that you can to switch to the applications settings. Thereafter tap on the particularized maps option to access its settings.
  3. At that instance when you are on the maps settings screen, you will simply need to find the download maps button. This is located under the Use my location option. After you find the same, tap on it and go to the next step of the downloadable maps maps
  4. Eventually you will be presented with a list of continents. At this juncture of time, you will have to choose the specific continent where in you are located.
  5. Thereafter choose your specified country from the available list. The respective size of the map gets listed below the country name. After you tap on the same, the particularized map is downloaded automatically.
  6. However it is a point to be noted that whenever the map is being downloaded for offline use, you simply cannot press the Back button. If such an action happens by mistake or on purpose, the entire download process gets cancelled. Likewise if you need to switch to another app for continuing the entire work, then you should tap on the Windows logo first and then jump out of the current screen.

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