As Smartphones advances to become an integral part and parcel of user’s lives, the functionalities associated with such innovations continues to amaze the users in their own unique way. Hence, it is a general aspect that these devices are populated with several apps and games. Therefore having multiple apps installed on the device are beneficial in their own ways; however over a period of time these apps will have to be updated with the relevant updates which come into existence as developments escalate ahead. Thus having an Automatic App Updater package can serve advantageous in a large way. Hence, described below is a Cydia tweak that helps the user in this regard.

Auto App Updater package is the resultant functionality which should be employed on the particular devices. But, the user has to ensure that the device is Jailbroken. The notability of the tweak involves the fact that this package on Cydia is more of the order of a fully-functioning app than simply being available as a small tweak. The trait of the app involves allowing the App Store updates to get automatically downloaded & installed on the specific device. Also, these actions get performed instantaneously & in an efficient manner.Auto App Updater Package

At the beginning, this package needs to be installed. However, the user has to endow this possibility by navigating to the native Settings app which is resident on the device. This procedure is responsible for fine tuning the application & it makes sure that the corresponding app provides the necessitated functionalities.  The provided options include the possibility to toggle the relevant package on or off or even set updates dependent on the intervals as the user cherishes. Thus, this exclusive functionality can be endowed on the basis of an update interval which aids in checking for updates and then install the same with the focus on time. Additionally, there is a provision for ensuring that the particular app downloads the various updates during the time that the device is connected to a wireless network rather than at the time of mobile data plan.Auto App Updater Tweak

Another significant aspect that helps the users is that particular individuals can go back to the package and view the change logs which were existent during download. Additionally, the presence of a historical timeline serves the users in a propitious way to keep a track of the specific downloads.

This package is available for download from the ModMyi repository and is priced at $2.99. Please note that the device should be jailbroken in order to employ this Cydia tweak.

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