With the technological advancements, the steadfast growth associated with the Windows Phone 8 category is a gradual and an aggrandizing process. The progress can be attributed so to employing a newer, different aspect on the particular device which sorts of acts as a heterogeneous aspect from the rest.

Traditionally, it is by default embedded in the Photos app in reference to the automatic uploading of photos, videos on the SkyDrive account for the particular user. However, this is an irritating aspect sometimes due to the amount of data plan consumed which also has a trickling effect on the battery of the device. Thus, it will be a fantastic aspect if this particular feature is kept off & only made functional during instances. The following are some steps which facilitate this particular approach and guide through for performing the dedicated task.


  1. At first, you need to select the Photos app. This can be done by choosing from the app list or from the live pinned tile.
  2. After this, you should tap on the small dots to access menu. Now, select settings from the displayed list.
  3. You should go to the bottom in the Settings. Beneath the list, Auto upload section will be presented viewable to the user. These include the apps which can be utilized for uploading the media on the internet. For Skydrive, there is a separate section. This is selected by simply tapping on the same.
  4. Thereupon at some point of time you want to upload a compressed version of the file to the account, you will have to choose good quality. For the original ones, select Best quality. The options tagged with the Wi-Fi remarks along with the option will require a Wi-Ficonnection to upload these specific files.Skydrive Option to enable-disable AutoUpload
  5. Done! The changes are saved after you simply press the back key to return back to the Photo app. 

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