Usually the stock Messaging app is an advantageous functionality for the iOS users; however there are a several reasons to oppose the same as well. It is a tedious task searching for media files in the various message threads, especially for individuals that have a plethora of messages existent in the inbox.

It is an eye opening possibility as to why the particularized search feature cannot be used for this specific purpose. It is because the search feature doesn’t work along with all the threads. Nevertheless a fantastic solution is available to the existent governing problem that assists the progress in simplifying the particular aspect. MediaExport is the released jailbreak tweak which assists the progress in completing the dedicated motive. This is done by simply presenting the respective images and videos that are saved in the messages; and allowing them to be saved with the option of sharing them later.MediaExport

At the beginning after you download and install this specific tweak, you won’t need to reconfigure the tweak using the Settings app. This usually is the traditional procedure for employing any facility after downloading the same from Cydia. Hereafter the audio and the particular video files get transferred automatically due to the tweak. Also these sent and received files are ostentatiously displayed by the app.

Additionally there is an availability of two different options on the main interface. These are in the form of the ‘Multi. Sel.’ in green and ‘Export All’ in red which is seen at the bottom. If you choose the first option, then you will have the facility to select the number of files you want to export. A zip archive will be created in case the user selects a file number more than one.

Further ore a sharing icon is facilitated on the top right corner of the screen that can be utilized to share the files. Also the delete button is viewable in red at the bottom right. The specific files can be exported to email, Twitter, Dropbox, iFile and other such services.

Check out the video demo of this particularized tweak:

MediaExport is available for free and can be easily downloaded from Cydia’s BigBoss repository. It works on iOS 6 and above.

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