Pokemon Go was released less than three weeks ago and it has become everyone’s favourite. Unlike the older Pokemon games, this game involves travelling and finding Pokemon with the the help of Augmented Virtual Reality.

There is one shortcoming. Most countries in the world will have only limited Pokemon. For example, USA has only 151 Pokemon. So to catch other Pokemon, you will have to travel to other countries. This not only sounds ridiculous but its not feasible as well. There is a cheat using which you can fake your location and catch Pokemon found in other countries. If you want to try this cheat, follow the guide below.


Installation Steps:

  1. Download and install Pokemon Go on the device.
  2. Download FakeGps.
  3. Open lucky patcher and click on Rebuild and install. Find the path of where you downloaded the file and click on it. Once you click it you will have an option to install it as a system app.
  4. Reboot your phone after installation is complete.
  5. Open Fakegps app, go to settings and enable expert mode.
  6. Search selected location you want and enable it.
  7. Change location settings on phone to device only or GPS only.
  8. Open Pokemon Go and you will be on your desired location.

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