This is a tutorial to flash CWM based recovery into your Xperia series device with a locked bootloader. Technically, you don’t actually flash in this process; its a much easier method unique only to Xperia devices.

For this you need to have a Rooted device!

You need this app : X-parts. This App is available free in the Google play store!

  • Once you download this App, launch this app and go to the Installs tab.
  • Select the Choose Alternate CWM button and select one of the two recoveries. I personally would suggest the pvyParts Recovery
    X-parts CWM Flash
  • Then press the Install CWM button and let the process complete.
  • That’s all! CONGRATS, you have successfully flashed a recovery for your Xperia device with locked bootloader.

Now, lets take a walk-through of other functionalities of this App. When you select the Tool tab, there are 4 options listed in this tab:
Reboot, Reboot to Recovery, Reboot to Fastboot and Auto-Magical Nandroid Backup.

  • Reboot is a straight forward reboot option.
  • Reboot to Recovery reboots your device into recovery mode.
  • Reboot to Fastboot takes you into fastboot mode but your device must be connected to a USB port.
  • Auto-Magical Nandroid Backup reboots your system into recovery mode and automatically creates nandroid backup of the system. Make sure you have atleast 1Gb space free in your SDcard before you select this option else it will create a corrupted backup file which will be useless.

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  1. Onidar
    Posted September 21, 2013 at 11:21 am | Permalink

    I can’t boot into CWM !?
    After installing on Xperia Neo MT15i (rooted MT15i_4.0.2.A.0.42_1247-0900.ftf)

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