Windows Phone have come a long way, and the latest addition to Windows’ mobile OS is Windows 8. Thought some have the opinion that Windows lacks the customization ability, contrary to this belief Windows Phone 8 can be customized if one knows the trick to use the correct apps. A simple visual info that windows 8 lacks is the current battery percentage on the lockscreen as well as on the main screen.

Lockscreen battery status

Windows 8 does show the battery status in for of an icon but sometimes one requires an exact battery percentage of the remaining battery of the device to estimate how long will the device go till it requires another charge. For such purposes there is a simple trick that can be used to display the battery percentage on the lockscreen as well as a Live tile. This gives you a major advantage as the live tile keeps getting updated as per the current battery status. It gives you a visual representation of the current battery status as well as the estimate time to discharge.┬áThe app that is used is called as “Battery Widget” and is available free of cost on Windows Store.


  1. You can download the app from Windows Store.
  2. Once you download the app pin it to start menu to provide you with live updates of battery via Live Tiles.Live tile of battery widget app
  3. Also you can launch the app and go to settings and set it on the lockscreen menu to give you battery updates on lockscreen by selecting the option “lock screen settings” on the bottom of the settings menu.
  4. Then click on the “+” sign under “Choose an app to show quick status” and select “Battery Widget” from the list.add battery status to lockscreen
  5. This is all it takes to enable Battery status on Lockscreen.

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