Slowly and steadily as we advance forward to the wide array of features that are presented with Apple’s beta versions, Android developers and users will feel the need to try them out on their own particularized device.

As iOS tries to incorporate newer features or update their platform based on features that were previously pioneered by the Android platform, an Android developer will always want to try some of the newfangled features. Especially trying out Apple’s iOS 7 beta Control Center feature can be an interesting option and Hi Tools Studio has contributed towards this development by recreating this Control Center for Android users. Control Center on Android

Such a development is a creditable unveilment from the developers of the Android based Control Center. This is notably described as an “iOS 7 style and Android capability Control Center” and it dishes out the necessary iPhone user experience to Android devices. It is understandable that a different set of users might think that Android is exceptional without this iPhone “experience”, however trying and employing such a functionality on the device can be an excellent arrival that can help to display a great set of quick access features.Control Center Screenshot

The developed app is a perfect replica of Apple’s operations and activities that surround with the usage of the Control Center. The visual representations look perfectly similar to the Control Center and it comprises of a minimalistic overlaid sheet which constitute a number of toggles, sliders and quick access buttons that assist the progress in performing several tasks throughout the system.

Android users will possess certain benefits from this development. The user can quickly toggle Wi-Fi on or off or lock the rotation of the device. Additionally the user also has the advantageous measure to switch cellular data on or off as well as toggle between Bluetooth and flashlight states as and when necessary.control Center for Android

Furthermore, there are these similar sliders that present their arrival in offering support for system and ringer volume. Also, the users have the option to change the brightness of the phone or tablet at regular intervals. It supports for quick app opening for the apps like Clock, Camera, Calculator and other apps. There is support provided for both the English and Chinese languages in the Android version of Control Center. The functionality is like a clear portrait of things or a pure emulator type exhibition of what Apple is facilitating with the iOS 7. Utilizing such functionality can help in enhancing the user experience as well as enriching iOS 7 on an Android handset.

The Control Center for Android is available for free and can be downloaded from here.

Do you think trying out the iOS 7 Control Center on Android will help in enhancing the overall user experience?

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