Previously, I wrote about my Experience of using Google Now. No doubts it’s an amazing App; everyone would want this App on their Android device but, Google has launched the Google Now App only for Android Jellybean! But wait my friends, now there is a Hack to port this to your device running ICS. This method is deviced by our friends at XDA devlopers forum. [Credit to Mikeyxda]

Disclaimer: This method is only for users having a processor with ARMv7 architecture running ICS (Android version 4.0+) Please note that even though the process is quite safe, flashing any file is at your own risk. We cannot be held responsible for any damaged devices!


The main process is quite simple, it is given as follows:

  • Place the Google Now zip file in the root of SDcard.
  • Reboot your device into Recovery mode. (Each device has a different method to enter Recovery mode. If in doubt, Google the procedure for your device)
  • Navigate to “Install zip from SD” in your Recovery and select it.
  • Then select “Choose zip from SD card”
  • Then navigate to the file you downloaded and select it.
  • Scroll down and select the option that says “Yes – Install Google Now….zip
  • Once the flashing process is done reboot system.

Ideally this should do the trick but just to double-check follow these steps:

  • Once the system boots completely, open the ES File explorer.
  • For those who are using ES explorer for the first time:
    1. Click on Menu button and select Settings menu.
    2. Slide down till you see the option upto Root. Click on that!
    3. Then go all the way down and under the label Root Settings, select Root Explorer (refer the screenshot)
      Root Explorer
    4. An Alert box will pop up; Give it the required SU permission.
    5. Also click on “Mount file system”
    6. Now press Back and return to main window
  • Navigate to /system/usr/srec/ and find two folders named “config” and “en-US”
  • Long press the “config” folder icon to bring up the options menu, then scroll down to Properties.
  • See if the properties match this screenshot:
    Matching Properties
  • If it matches leave it alone, else select the appropriate permissions.
  • Do the same process for the “en-US” folder.

Voila! You are ready to use Google Now. If any questions or queries arise, feel free to ask the same in the comments section below.

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