WhatsApp has proved to be a significant utility over the course of time. The messaging platform, one of the major successes of the App Store has accrued its way to become an integral part of every user’s lives and is currently the widely used messaging service amongst several users. The gained popularity, higher user base stems from the easy to use functionalities while providing the optimum benefits along these lines. Additionally, it’s highly beneficial for the cross platform messaging peripherals and substantiates a benediction for the users in its own fashionable way.
During the time that updates are functionalized on the platform as with respect to its working, there are some areas which need some thoughtful awareness in the current situation. The fact about the privacy issue stemming forth from the “Last Seen” appearance is a concerning display considering from the privacy point of view. It is also a handy source of information pertaining to the particular user, however it can have its own detrimental effects over the course of time. Hence, a solution has been dished out to improve over such resulting problem causable scenario by hiding or disabling the Timestamp so that other users can’t see when you were last active on the application.WhatsAppLastSeen

At first, you need to select Settings. Thereafter, after you select Settings navigate to Chat Settings and subsequently choose Advanced. Later, as you proceed forward you will reach to a specific screen where you will see the Last Seen Timestamp “Off” option. This is the resultant solution to the mysterious concept behind the chat status Timestamp.WhatsAppLSeen1

If the intended operation is to remove the timestamp entirely, then a Cydia tweak serves as the resultant functionality to fulfill the necessitated task. The facilitation of a Last Seen aspect i.e. Timestamp package is a usual installation by the developer side which presents its functionality in the title position. Over a period of time with the advancements in technology we have witnessed the innumerable jailbreak tweaks and tricks associated with the traditionally functional apps like Whatsapp or Viber; however this latest addition serves as a breakthrough in providing a simple approach to the entire perspective. Once you download the tweak and install it on your device, the tweak can be utilized to toggle the user’s “last seen” information to ON and OFF depending on the user’s interest on particular chatting scenarios.WhatsAppLastSeen tweak

The tweak provides the advantage of removing the specific label which is responsible for displaying the Last Seen feasibility. It is a counter-intuitive attempt related to a specific conversation to disable that particular information unless it’s already been protected by the other recipient via the aforementioned method. The tweak is available for free and can account for user’s betterment. This WhatsApp Last Seen TimeStamp can be downloaded from the BigBoss repository and can be only employed upon a Jailbroken device. Also, it requires the pre-installation of the Whatsapp messenger app functional on the handset for the completion of this task.

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