One thing that the smartphones lack is battery life. Every Smartphone users are always trying to find ways to extend the battery life of the phone by using various ways. One of the biggest reason for battery drain is Apps running in Background. Mostly apps like Whatsapp require to run in background to deliver a reliable service of instant messaging. But many a times some apps misbehave and keep running in background and thus  drain battery and also affect performance.

There is no direct way to find out such apps. However it is possible by using this app called BetterBatteryStats. This app uses an already existing service in Android called “batteryinfo” thus using this app doesn’t create any overhead. The app is simple to use and helps you identify battery hungry apps.

Here is how to identify battery draining apps:

  1. Download and install BetterBatteryStats.
  2. Charge your device to 100% in a single go.
  3. Once charged just launch the app and close it so make sure that it will record all stats.
  4. Now use the phone as you normally would.
  5. Once the battery lever reaches below 15% it’s time to identifying the battery draining app.
  6. Now launch the app.
  7. Make sure your device is not charging because stats cannot be generated while charging the device.
  8. Press the menu button and select settings.
  9. In settings select default stats type and select the option “since charged”.BetterBatteryStats - settings
  10. Make sure that “Fallback to Since Boot is checked”
  11. Now go back to the Main Screen of the app and in the first drop down list Select the option “process”.BetterBatteryStats - Process stats
  12. Now you will be able to see how much battery is each app draining.
  13. Also see the stats for “partial wakelocks” this will help you identify which processes are draining the battery during screen off.
  14. Identify the apps responsible for the battery drain and simple uninstall them or hibernate them using Greenify.

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