Just as Apple announced the iOS 7 beta a couple of days ago, there were significant disclosures with respect to its various features and others functionalities. However, it is a concerning aspect that this beta testing is only available for paid developers only. Thus it provides a difficult option for employing the same onto your device. But you possess the necessary option of purchasing an activation spot from some sellers around, however this can prove detrimental as it ends up violating Apples T&S. The procedure below is an exhibition for the individuals who don’t want to pay the UDID activation fees, but would want to try the new iOS on their respective devices.
iOS7 on iPhone
The method below focusses on installing iOS 7 on your iPhone or iPad without a developer account.

The following are the steps:

  1. Initially you should download iOS 7 from the web. The worthwhile search can land you the result in no time.
  2. Next, instead of Restore you will need to click on the “check for update” button in iTunes during the time that you press and hold the shift key in Windows or the option key on OSX.
  3. Hereafter simply select your downloaded iOS 7 firmware and eventually iTunes will update your device to Apple’s newest iOS. iOS 7 on  iPhone


Incase you face problems updating this firmware because you had a jailbroken device, then you will need to restore your particularized iOS device back to stock 6.1.4, and activate, and then later update to 7 using the latest iTunes. Performing such operations result in bypassing the initial activation and thus the user can enrich the benefit for employing and using the new beta like all the developers.

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