Sony’s firmware has some very unique and breathtaking features. The Small Apps, lock-screen and the Magnification Glass are some of them. Among these, the Magnification Glass has caught the eye of many people. The feature has one simple and obvious function, and that is to allow users to view words and images through a Magnification Glass, enlarging whatever content that is hovered over. This feature is found on the Xperia T, V and Z.


XDA Senior Member AeonWorld, has been successful in porting this feature to the Sony Xperia S. A Sony Xperia S user just has to flash the zip file to install the Magnification Glass. Currently there are 2 shapes of Magnification Glass, a circle and a rectangle and they both work within apps such as messaging and notes, and also in browsers. Just follow the instructions given below to install the Magnification Glass on Xperia S.

Magnification Glass1

Requirements :

Steps :

  1. Make a Nandroid backup from recovery in case something goes wrong.
  2. Download the Magnification Glass zip file and place it on the root of the SD card. Root of the SD card means it should not be placed in any sub folder.
  3. Go in to the recovery mode.
  4. Go to “Wipe cache partition” and clear the cache.
  5. Go to “Advanced” and delete the dalvik cache.
  6. Now select “Install zip from SD card” and choose the Magnification Glass Zip file downloaded in Step 2.
  7. Done! Now just Reboot the phone.

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