HTC One is HTC’s flagship device. It was launched a few weeks ago. It’s bootloader has been unlocked, root access has been gained and also custom recovery is available for this phone. So now an individual can easily flash a custom ROM on the HTC One.

PACman is an excellent ROM. It combines the features of the Paranoid Android, AOKP and the CM ROMs. This ROM is available for the HTC One. However it has some bugs – LTE, in-call audio headphones/headsets, bluetooth, camera and the IR sensor are not fully working.

The ROM is still in the alpha stage and the bugs will be rectified soon. Follow the instructions given below to install this ROM on HTC One.



  1. Make sure that USB debugging is enabled on the phone.
  2. Then create a Nandroid backup from recovery, in case anything goes wrong.
  3. Download the PACman ROM zip file and Gapps zip file and place it on the SD card of the phone.
  4. Switch off the phone and boot the phone into Recovery mode.
  5. Then perform full data wipe task. To do so, click “Wipe Data/Factory Reset”, then choose “Yes” on next screen to confirm.
  6. Next, wipe the cache and the dalvik cache.
  7. Now go to “Install zip from SD card” and then “Select zip from SD card”. Choose the PACman ROM zip file.
  8. Now again clear cache and dalvik cache.
  9. Go to ”Install zip from SD card”, then “Select zip from SD card”. Choose the Gapps zip file.
  10. After the process is complete, reboot the phone.

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