Swype keyboard has marked out an integral presence in the life of the Smartphone users. The easy to use capabilities, other functionalities, simplified notabilities help a long way in providing an outstanding alternative over the traditional touch typing on the Smartphones. The keyboard functions on a specific gesture and pattern recognition & is intended to provide optimum benefit for the users. However, this facility was only instrumental on Android previously; but now you can utilize this aspect on your iPhone and other iOS devices by following the steps provided below. It is a point to be noted that the device should be Jailbroken.Swype on iPhone

Steps on how to Install iSwipe from Cydia

  1. At the beginning, launch Cydia on your respective iOS device. After it loads up, you need to go to Manage tab and select Sources. Hereafter, you will see a section which lists the entire repositories that are configured on Cydia which are responsible for downloading the packages.
  2. Navigate through the list and look out for insanelyi Repository. If it’s available, then well and good in that case. However, few devices won’t have the repository configured on their devices. Then at such instances, you will have to Tap on the Edit button present on the top-right corner. Hereafter, Add button is seen on the top-left corner. Tap on it and enter http://repo.insanelyi.com/ during the time that you are asked to enter the URL of the new repository.Swype-for-iOS-6
  3. A warning about the repository will be displayed at first. This is regarding the repository distributing copyrighted work illegally and there will be suggestions on the same to stop using it. But, if you want to use Swype, then select Add. At this point of time, please wait till the device loads the packages detail. Thereafter, when done- Select Return to Cydia button.
  4. After the repositories have been added, go to the Search tab and find out iSwype. When you find the intended target, select it and install that particular one which has been created by author Andrew Liu.Swype-for-iOS-
  5. The installation button is present on the top-right corner of the screen. After it’s installed, you should restart Springboard and open notes. This will lead you to a all-new experience of using the new keyboard.
  6. Other substitute of employing the keyboard can be achieved by facilitating through the repository http://cydia.myrepospace.com/wyndwarrior and completing the intended operation.

The appearance of the keyboard is entirely the same, however during the time you swipe fingers across the keyboard, then a blue trail will be visible that records the actions. After the gesture is performed, the particular word gets recognized and is shown on screen. Additionally suggestions are also provided on the top side of the keyboard. You will have to manually add words by simply tapping on the iSwype Add app icon in the Springboard.


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