The open source nature of Android makes it quite easy for the developers to introduce new mods. Recently an interesting new development surfaced on the Samsung Galaxy Note series- the Multi Window feature. Another mod which is similar to the Multi Window feature is the re-sizable browser. This browser goes by the name Popup Browser.

Galaxy Tab 2

Using the Popup Browser, an individual can re-size the browser. This is commonly done on the computers but it is now also available on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. On installing the Popup Browser, users have access to a floating, re-sizable browser on the Galaxy Tab 2 to use instead of the stock browser. With the large screen real estate on the Tab 2, the feature is surely useful to those who want to browse while performing other tasks. It is confirmed that the re-sizable browser works perfectly fine on the stock ROM. It was also tried on a custom ROM, but it didn’t work properly. However, users are free to try it on different ROMs.

Popup Browser1

Follow the instructions given below to install the Popup Browser.



  1. Download the PopupBrowser zip file and place it on the root of the SD card.
  2. Switch off the phone and then enter the recovery mode.
  3. Now go to “Wipe Cache Partition” and wipe the cache.
  4. After this, go to “Advanced” and wipe the dalvik cache.
  5. Now select “Install zip from SD card” and choose the zip file downloaded in step 1.
  6. After the process is complete, reboot.

On reboot, the user will have the Popup Browser installed on Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.  If you want to uninstall it, simply remove the “PopupBrowser.apk” from /system/app.

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