Customization is an advantageous aspect when concerned with applying themes. This can also be understood to be in conjunction with performing other tips and tricks to provide a source of customizable features on the devices. There a plethora of beneficiaries that can help towards improving this particular aspect on your iOS devices. These can be made available from the Accessibility area. Along these lines, Invert Colors is another propitious option which helps in changing the appearance of the screen of your iOS device. Thus the following article presents a systematic procedure to assist your progress in inverting the screen colors of your iOS devices.iPhone


  1. At the beginning, you will need to go to the Settings App. This can be accessed by going to the respective position from the Springboard of your iOS device.
  2. Afterwards you can view the particular list. Select the General option button from this list.
  3. Thereafter from the General option, choose the Accessibility option.
  4. During the time that you have selected the Accessibility option, next you should tap onto the Invert Colors Option. Eventually, toggle this particularized switch to the “ON” position.Inverted-Colors-on-iphone

 Therefore employing such a facility onto your iOS device will result in showcasing a negative resemble on the screen. 

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