Sometimes it may so happen that an individual might leave the Smartphone away for some time during the course of some activity or in some other situation. During this time period, it may so happen that another person would like to check out the phone as it appeals to him/her with respect to the appearance. Quite often we have seen individuals ensuring added security on their handset by keeping a PIN code, Password Lock or a Pattern Lock for accessing the particular device’s functionality. Occasionally, the user who has left the phone aside would suspect the handset being tinkered with when it is left unattended or isolated from the user.


These instances can turn into scary propositions at times, if the user continuously fidgets with the device and thereby causing some problem. In such cases, it is a questionable prospect with respect to the identity of this individual.

These authorized access can turn out to prove detrimental over the course of events. Hence, using an application this concern can be solved in a flash of a moment. This is small app which is available on Google Play. The functionality that stems out from the app’s usage is that it can easily take a picture of a person who is typing a wrong password on your phone and get to the person who was responsible for this particular thing.

Let’s get started to know more and to carry out this process in a effective way:

In the first place, the user needs to download Hidden Eye app. This Android app can be downloaded from the link here.

  1. After it has been installed, launch it.
  2. At the beginning i.e during its first use, one needs to activate the service by providing app administrative rights over your device.Snapshot after App is launched
  3. This is done by Tapping on the ON button that activates the device administrator.
  4. Next, tap on the Activate button located on the left; henceforth the complete function ahead is undertaken by the app itself.Activation button displayed in the Snapshot
  5. During any situation and every time it detects a wrong password input from an unauthorized user, the primary function that is performed is that it will access the device front camera. And a snapshot of the person fidgeting with the handset is taken silently.


The individual’s Mobile phone must have a front-camera for the app to work. This is the only prerequisite that should be existent on the handset to perform this functionality.

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