Conference calling contains the traditional, regular and habitual existence in the corporate world when people trying connecting to each other throughout the globe at the same time at the very sec/ very min. The reason behind the conference call can be emergency requirement for a project from a business perspective or for planning a meeting from an ordinary view. Let us take a look at some of the business communication apps that serve the purpose for conference calling.

The accustomed procedure that we know pre-handed for handling the conference calls is as follows prevalent from the standard ways of connecting to a conference call. The steps are as follow-

  1. Initially the first participant is called. Aforementioned can be done by selecting the contact through the list or speed-dialing.
  2. The menu is press afterwards. This is done when a call is established.
  3. The Add Call feature is tapped. Succeeding this, the first person is put on hold, and you see the dial pad.
  4. Here and now dial the second person. After call is established, press menu.
  5. At this moment, we select the Merge calls option. The two calls are now joined.
  6. For with Conference call screen will appear.
  7. In the rear the speaker button can be put to use if many people want to participate in the call and are present in the room.
  8. To end the conference call, the last person you called should be disconnected from the line. Hence, touch the End Last Call button.


A remarkable application with a simplified purpose, this provides conference calls for phones as well to call users on Skype and Gtalk. The application gets down to the basics following the subsequent steps in an orderly fashion. Gather contacts, create group & then get to the meat with conferencing them into the call. The application makes perfectly clear in elucidating that other users don’t need to install this for making conferencing calls. Containing a simple interface, with no numbers to dial the app acts as a solution in cutting down the frills. Drawing a picture to summarize it’s working, basically after feeding the desired numbers into a list; all an individual needs to do is ‘Start Conference calls which allows us to invite people.

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The Talk2Group application puts one straight that undermines the ability that the name suggests. This streamlined option provided is a conference call which also is a 3 way call from the Android. The application can be used for making quick calls to group contacts and also for long chats with others, business meetings, party invitation calls or other talks. The conventionalized norm is that each user pays for the call charges to dial to their local Talk2Group number, which aids in connecting them with any user & they are set forth for normal call rates. Also calls can be selected favorites with the presence of a call history feature & calls can be scheduled accordingly as and when we want.

The subsequent steps lay off the conference call process in a regulated fashion. After setting subject for calls, inviting people from contact list a personalized invitation is sent to join the conversation. A Talk2Group number is sent in the message which upon activation from the participant results the user in setting the call right away or after other participants have joined in.

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Free Conference Calls

Alternative solution to aid our purpose is the Free Conference Calls application. This striking app simplifies the whole process of making conference calls.
The steps that are spring from the installation of this application involve just clicking on the ‘Start a free conference’ & a telephone number, conference number is presented additionally with a moderator pin. No separate charges are provided for calling other users in conference.

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An astounding application is the CrowdCall that makes use of the carrier connection of the user & helps establishing conference call from the Smartphone. There are specified defined features that there are no international fees as well as hidden conference call-hosting fees involved in the app. The other notable aspects include that users can add maximum 20 participants from their address book or number. Though, the users have to ensure that the area or country code to be added before a call is generated. The process supersedes in the following fashion

Once a list has been prepared, users need to click on the “Call” button. Users can make calls to anyone in the contact list. A nice greeting is given out to the participants after the connection is established with all participants. Likewise, a favorites tab can be allocated to the participants depending on the user’s considerations.

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