It is a known fact that Siri has been a hit with the masses with its set of mind blowing responses in reference to certain questions. The craziness associated with the same just keeps multiplying with every passing instance. We have all known the witty, humorous responses that are dished by Siri through its magnanimous database. However, screenshots posted on the internet are often deceptive enough and appear as an auto correct to various other question responses over the time period.

The amazing part about the whole thing is that the user can create such stories on his/her merit and dish it out for the public use. Thus, it is an interesting phenomenon to create your own conversation and share it around in your circuit. They end up looking realistic in the end, however these exhibited conversations are fake ones created by the user himself.siri

Let’s demonstrate the whole process with an example of a particularly created image.

The following is a fake Siri conversation created by myself. Thus, it is a mind-blowing activity as to how can we have a custom made question & answer created and have it hosted or shared through various sources. Therefore overall it is an enjoyable experience and a smart way to troll your friends showing them the desires screenshot.

  • At the beginning, proceed your way to iFakeSiri and type the specific conversation in the box provided by the website.
  • The intended task is only successful if a specific format is followed by the user. The operation can only be performed if the user uses “Me:” and “Siri:” in the conversational dialogue exchange.Fake siri conversation
  • After this format is followed, one must type the conversation in the specified format. Thus, this helps in recognizing the related dialogues related to you and Siri.
  • Tap on “CREATE YOUR SIRI CONVERSATION” after you have finished typing the dialogues in the intended fashion.fake siri screenshot

The user is also allowed to choose a carrier of his/her choice. Thus the entire process is made more realistic when the respective carrier is selected from AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. Additionally, once the conversation is created the individual has the option to share it on the popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, email, StumbleUpon.

Get started and make some interesting Siri conversations. Enjoy!

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