With the advent in technology, Smartphones have continued to be integral part and parcel of user’s lives; and surfing and accessing emails on the go has been easily possible with the availability of portable handsets with high speed internet connectivity. Usually the email app on a Windows Phone possesses a simplistic design along with minimal details.

Navigating through such an app can be tedious or problematic in some situations, especially during the time that a user wants to proceed through labels or folders. This is usually a long process and which will require a long list of steps, but if individuals pin a label to the Start screen, this process gets simplified in an easily accessible manner. A single tap can perform this operation and the instructions below will explain this task in an easy manner.WindowsPhone8


  1. At the beginning, proceed to the app list and select the particular inbox which has the respective label or folder which is to be pinned to the Start screen.
  2. When you enter the email app, tap on the small dots. This helps in expanding the menu list and then you have the ability to choose the folders option from here.
  3. Here, the inbox displays the folders options which can be seen on screen. Choose show all folders to display all labels and folders on screen.
  4. In this list now, you will have to find the particular one which you want to pin to the Start screen. You will need to long press on this name, and choose the pin to start.
  5. Next, you are navigated to the respective pinned tile after you choose the respective option. During cases when you have to pin more folders or labels, you will have to select the back button on phone and repeat this process.
  6. During the time that you possess direct access to the label from Start Screen, then you can view the top of the screen for viewing the present location.

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