There have been significant numbers of emulators available which aid as gaming consoles on modern mobile platforms. Every individual who loved playing the PSP games would have had a thought one time or the other, as to whether these PSP games could be played on droid (obviously with the use of an app). Previously, it was observed that there were apps for the same purpose but these were found to be paid or unstable.


The answer to this question that whether one can play PSP games on Android is answered and exhibited with the latest addition to various other emulators. This functionality has been made available by the use of the PPSSPP Emulator. It exemplifies a PSP emulator in the early development stage. Hence, compatibility is low with respect to games as it functions in the early prototype stages. A free app which is the open source emulator of Sony’s popular PSP and it replicates as a gaming console for the Android devices.

Note that you can also play Nintendo GameBoy Advance games on Android using the GBA Emulator!

emulator snapshot

The App is a free and open source emulator of Sony’s popular PSP (PlayStation Portable) handheld gaming console for Android devices. It has also been observed that there has no mapping of hardware keys seen in its appearance and it is surmised that normal legal PSP eboot files are unsupported. Download the PPSSPP Emulator from Google Play Store!

With respect to its current functional aspects, it has been said that it’s great for playing some PSP games with low-end graphics. But it’s development will take time as it has been found to be annoying in regard to other games.

After the application is loaded, the app initially demands a game CSO or ISO file. The App doesn’t have any game files inbuilt. So these game ISO files need to be copied from other sources. The PSP compatible files in .ISO or .CSO formats currently work in the application.

Aftermath of the transfer of this particular file to the SD card, open the app and tap on the Load option. The app takes time to read the file. It will run it if the game is compatible with the emulator.

A video depiction of PPSSPP in action has been posted below:

Who doesn’t like Video Game emulators? Go, Check this out!

If you are wondering, how to set things up for playing PlayStation games on your Android, you need not look anywhere else. Yes indeed, this is possible! Refer our article about PlayStation games on Android for the procedure.

Note: PPSSPP emulator is available for Windows, BlackBerry and Linux as well!

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    How do I download games to play on the emulator?

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      The pirate bay lol..

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