It is a general notion that usually parents give their handset to their children for playing games, using certain applications or other respective tasks. However, during the time that the child plays along on the phone there can be instances when the child visits the Store and downloads certain games or apps without even taking prior permission of the parent or the user. In this fashion the particular individual may purchase apps, download games in a particular time frame without the consent of the user. This can get highly terrifying if your credit card is attached with the account of the user.

Therefore to tackle such a situation and prevent it from happening, the user can facilitate the aspect of employing a PIN code on their device and later configure the system to ask for the code every time the particular individual tries to purchase a app or a game from the Store. The following is the procedural way how this operation can be performed on your Windows Phone 8.wp8


  1. At the beginning, you should open the Store app. This action can be performed by selecting it from the pinned tile or choosing the same from the app list.
  2. During this instance when you are in the Store app, tap on the three small dots. This expands the menu at first; choose settings to continue hereafter.
  3. Now, choose the PIN button to set up a new PIN.
  4. Hereafter, turn the Wallet PIN option ON. This is done by simply moving the slider into the right side. Eventually, you are directed to a create PIN screen. Now, this is very similar to the usual create password page. Later, enter the PIN code. This should be six digits or more.
  5. Subsequently after the PIN code is set, next come to the wallet page. Thereupon, put a check on the box which is present next to the Use Wallet PIN. This helps in protecting music, app, and other in-app purchases option.
  6. Eventually the changes take effect. So, whenever you try to buy an app or a game from the Store, before the respective purchase a PIN will be asked so that you can proceed towards the payment.

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