As the advancements progress with the ever changing time frame, there are several number of newer and better gadgets developed that serve as the products which make life easier. It is a general notion that everything has a life. These accomplishments made by manufacturers are produced in the best possible way, but sometimes they can also be prone to causing problems over the entire duration of time. Hence, the produced out item isn’t a perfect piece and certain issues or difficulties can render the devices useless or causing severe complications.iphone_recovery_mode
The problematic situation may arise due to the fact that the Smartphone is a machine considered in the basic aspect, hence can act unsound at times. The reasons for the entering the recovery mode could be plentiful obstacles that cause freezing of the phone or something gets messed up during an operation. This is possibility during jailbreaking (done previously) and state needs to be restored. Otherwise, it might be a cause of repeated restarting of the iPhone continuously.

The operation of putting the iPhone into a Recovery mode results in loading of the iBoot. This most notably is a bootloader which is responsible for the restoring the iOS device. Later, only the latest firmware or the current version gets restored. The process that will be exemplified in the sequential steps is applicable if the user has a device running on iOS 5 or upwards.

Instructions to put the iPhone in Recovery mode:

  1. From square one, the iPhone’s USB cable needs to be plugged in the computer’s USB port. However, the user must not connect it to the iPhone at this moment.
  2. The individual must thereafter press and hold the “Sleep/Power button” for about five seconds (on the top right of the handset) till the time the user sees a red slider. Slide the red slider and then, “slide to power off”.
  3. Thereafter, once the iPhone is switched off, the user must press the Home button on the iPhone. At this particular instance, the individual should connect it to the USB cable on a Mac or PC with iTunes installed. Thus, the device is turned on.
  4. Keep holding the Home button until the screen pictured below appears. Once it does, you can release the Home button.
  5. The user should continuously hold the Home button till the time an Apple logo appears. Consequently, “Connect to iTunes” will be displayed. This representation is the dock cable pointing to the iTunes icon.
  6. The following message gets displayed when the iTunes is opened or when the user opens to use the same. Therefore, the user should release the Home button at this specific period of time.iPhone recovery
  7. Afterwards, the iPhone is ready to be restored. Thus, the process of putting the iPhone in Recovery mode was successfully completed.

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