Backing up the data is an essential step towards saving the necessitated items, files and other usual functionalities. This is significantly important when it comes to backing up the data and keeping it safe whether it’s the computer, laptop or even Smartphones. Along these lines, even iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch need a data backup. It is a known fact that backing up data for iOS devices is a tedious task altogether and it requires a special tool or a software that can substantiate this aspect. Therefore restoring the iPhone data is a mandatory functionality that needs to be performed by the individual. This can help in a plethora of situations right from phone getting theft or during the time that the data is erased etc.

In such a manner, Wondershare Dr.Fone is a fantastic utility that serves the necessitated purpose of allowing you to preview and restore all your iPhone data. Additionally, this tool also assists in the progress of scanning and recovering data from the particularized iOS device incase the user doesn’t have any iTunes backup saved.


  1. At the beginning you will need to download the appropriate software or utility which is required for the particularized iOS device. After you download the same, you will need to install and run it on your computer.
  2. Next you will need to search for Wondershare Dr Fone in Google and try the utility before you decide to buy the same. This tool is available for both windows as well as Mac.Wondershare Dr Fone tool
  3. Hereafter you will need to choose the specific data backup file which is present in the Wondershare program and thereafter you will simply need to click on the respective file which needs to be restored or recovered at that crucial juncture of time. Eventually you will need to Tap on “Start Scan” button to begin the process ahead.
  4. Please note that you shouldn’t connect your iPhone to the iTunes and sync the same during the time that you are restoring the particularized backup data from the wondershare program.
  5. Thereafter you can view all the respective data files in the subsequent step. Next you will just have to select the data which you need to restore. This can be easily done by simply tapping on the Recover button which is seen at the bottom right corner of wondershare program.

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