Boot loop

Activities like flashing a custom ROM and custom kernel on an Android device has become a very common thing. While performing various mods, there are chances that Android will go in to a bootloop. Bootloops are mainly caused because of the system files interfering with each other which causes instability and/or crashes at the boot sequence.

So if an individual has encountered a bootloop, follow the instructions that are given below to recover from it.


  1. First remove the battery of the phone and then reinsert it. For the devices with non-removable batteries, there is an equivalent of disconnecting the terminals. It is different for different devices.
  2. Now boot into the recovery mode of the phone. Again, this varies with varying devices.
  3. Once booted into the recovery mode, go to Advanced >> Wipe >> dalvik cache.
  4. After this step, go to Mounts & Storage >> Wipe /cache.
  5. Go back. Reboot the phone.
  6. If you are still stuck in a bootloop, you will have to factory reset the phone.
  7. Perform steps 1 and 2 again.
  8. After booting in the recovery mode, navigate to Wipe data/factory reset and select it.
  9. Now go back and reboot the phone.

If all goes well, the bootloop will be fixed. Bootloops can happen anytime. Since wiping the cache and the dalvik cache is not enough in some cases, a factory reset is performed. This will result is a loss of data. So make sure that a proper backup is in place and it is updated from time to time.

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