With the incremental ontogenesis, there is constant development of technological advancements with respect to any field. These revelations progress in a consistent manner depending upon the origins of the same. As we grow towards each passing day, the upgrowth related with the improvement in the quality of products is sensational considering the slow and steady rise. Some of these end up acting as a breakthrough’s in the field of the technology, others are faded away due to their incapability to grab a stranglehold in the market.

The various disclosures in the betterment of technology keep growing leaps and bounds. From an evolving standard, there is significant promotion rising out to efficient products aiming at stepping up the progress of the overall market. Hence, as new Smartphones enter the market there is a plethora of applications which come in conjunction or are developed later based on various categories. These depend from platform to platform and are improved upon by the constant improvement in the efforts to supplement these apps. Thus, the corresponding apps can either be free or paid. It depends on the particular app in the market. Let’s begin the article focusing our attention for the Android users.Android-apps

There are an abundant set of apps that are available for the Android users. These are usually downloaded from the Google Play Store, but users can also install third party applications (.apk files) on their handset. Most of these applications are dished out for free, whereas certain applications are also available as “Paid apps”.

Once in a while it may so happen that the data on the device could be accidentally erased as a consequence of some other activity and the applications would get uninstalled. Hence at that moment of time the previously purchased applications i.e. paid apps would have to be downloaded again. There might be a doubt in the mind of the individuals as to whether these specific apps would have to be repurchased from the Play Store. Even if the data and the applications present on the phone are completely wiped off, the user does not need to repurchase the particular app. The individual must follow the following steps:

  1. At the beginning, the user must open the Google Play Store. This is Market application.
  2. Afterwards the user must select the menu key.
  3. Hereafter, one must select Downloads
  4. The individual will need to scroll down the list to locate that specific desired application. This particularized item will be tagged as purchased in the displayed list.
  5. One needs to select this app and the install it normally as it is done for other apps. In this process, the user is not charged again for the particular application.
  6. Hence, the process is completed.

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