It is a notable fact that Google stores information about all the apps that the user has installed on any device till date. The indicated apps are also seen presentable for an Android device user. Thus, it acts as a complete mess if you are a user who likes installing a plethora of applications on the handset. Otherwise, there may be another situation where sometimes an individual would want to revert back to the list to look back into question that which application was added into that list when or which are the applications that a person had installed once on the particular device.

Nevertheless, deleting these apps from the list would be of better orientation when the list keeps on accumulating new additions as a result of an individual’s downloads. At that moment, deleting these specific ones take a circumstance than simply keeping them in the list. Previously, this feasibility could not have been undertaken to fulfil our interests, but this has been manifested now on after the latest build version of Play Store.

This can be done in the following steps as reported down in sequential fashion:

STEP 1: Initially, an individual needs to ensure that the Play Store build version is 3.9.16 or higher is functioning on the individual’s handset. This is the requirement of this particular process.

To check the version of your Play Store, the follow the steps below:

  • Open Play Store.
  • Press Menu button and tap on Settings.

Opening Google Play -Go to Settings

The particular settings will be displayed. To find its version, a user needs to scroll down to the end to see its build version. If the build version is 3.9.16 or higher, the process can be executed by proceeding to the steps as mentioned below. If one is working on the older Play Store version, they can either download the new version from the Internet or by waiting till their device gets the Play Store update.

Settings-Build Version-seen

STEP 2: After a user opens the Play Store after confirming its version, the next step is followed by steps below:

  • Press Menu Button. Select MyApps.
  • Tapping on this various list of apps are opened. The list that is visible is the apps that are currently installed on the device.
  • Apps to be updated form a separate screen and the Installed apps are displayable on a different screen.  In such a situation, swipe the screen from right to left to access the All Apps section.MyApps displays the list of apps
STEP 3: The entire list of apps that an individual has installed from the Play Store is made visible through this All Apps section. These apps display the apps that were installed on the handset till date.Now, to remove any app from this list, the easy method that is devised is an individual has to simply tap on the delete icon. This is the icon that is next to the particular application in that list. After you tap the same, the action has to be confirmed.Confirming action to delete the appThus all the account history is removed for the app that is deleted. It will never show up the later time in the list of apps both on the handset as well as Play Store accessible through a web browser.Though this is a great approach for helping out the users clear their account history, this has been observed to a tad difficult as navigation becomes difficult after the list is refreshed when a particular app is removed. It will be super advantageous if this feature is added to online Play Store.

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