Bloatware are those apps that are pre-installed in your phone’s firmware. These Apps often contribute in lowering the performance of the phone, than actually being useful! They keep running in the background and hence eat-up precious system resources.

Once Rooted, it’s quite simple to remove these Apps which are otherwise impossible to¬†uninstall.


  • You should have a Rooted device. To check if your phone is rooted, Run this app called “Root Checker
  • Install the App called Terminal Emulator, which is a very powerful tool to use Linux commands on your Android device. You can install it from Google Play Store.
  • Make sure you have BusyBox installed. Use this app called “BusyBox Installer” to install BusyBox.
  • Any File Manager which allows Root Browsing.


  • First you have to Run the File Manager and navigate to /system/apps and find the exact name of the App you wish to remove. Take a note of it’s exact name!
    Find Name of APK file
  • Once you’ve established all requirements, Run the Terminal emulator.
  • Press anywhere on the screen of the App to launch keyboard then type “su” and press ENTER (this is to acquire the superuser rights) When prompted to grant Terminal emulator superuser rights, press GRANT.
  • Type “mount -o rw,remount /system” and press Enter
  • Type “rm -r /system/app/FILE-NAME-HERE.apk” and press Enter. For Example: To remove the stock browser you can type the command as “rm -r /system/app/browser.apk
    Terminal Emulator

That’s all! You can follow this method on your Rooted Android device and successfully remove all the unwanted system Apps a.k.a Bloatwares; which affect your device’s performance.

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