In the previous article, we told you a method to Sync Facebook and Twitter contacts with Android Phonebook contacts. Now, forthwith we emphasize to focus on the approach that is required to remove these contacts. There may be different ranging reasons that particularize this approach. Sometimes, the contacts get real messy with the profile pictures or due to some other specific reasons.

There are certain scenarios presented about with reference to the removal of these synced contacts. These are kept in mind ascertaining a typical situation that a individual may encounter while using the handset.

  • To begin with, some users prefer keeping the Social media apps & account on phone but want the contacts to depart. Here is a list of steps that need to perform to succeed & aid in removal of synced contacts.
  1. Primarily, Going to Settings is the first step. Select Accounts & Sync
  2. There is section named “Manage accounts”. One has to make way now towards the Social media account. Here, select that account whose association with contacts has to be removed.
  3. In the checkbox scenario, uncheck the “Sync Contacts” option
  • Merging contacts is a cakewalk. It is a process that gets simplified by just selecting the particular media contact. When selected, it has to be pressed for a second. After that select on join contact. Appropriate entries need to be selected from the complete list of contacts.
  • If the individual wants to remove the application completely, then click Uninstall. This can be done by going to:
    Settings >> Applications >> Manage applications
    If one wants to keep the App but remove his account, do the following:
  1. Fundamentally, Go to Settings. Select Accounts & Sync
  2. Find the Manage accounts section. Here the particular account is selected that is associated with the contacts.
  3. Click on the “Remove Account” button
  • When a user wants to remove certain media contacts, but only keep a certain of the lot. Here is the step wise process that needs to be undertaken:
  1. Contacts are opened first, go to Settings button & click more.
  2. Select display options
  3. Under the option: Choose “Contacts to Display” section. Now, the account from which the Syncing of contacts has to be kept is selected. Others, removed!

If you need any further help in going about this, do drop us a line in comments below!

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