Traditionally the iCloud users are familiar with the set of features devised out by this functionality on your respective iOS device. The user has the facility to create his/her own own email and set this on your particular iDevice. This facilitation is available on all the three major platforms that are iOS, Windows PC and MAC and this advantageous service can be employed on any one of those respective platforms.

The individual can utilize iCloud for storing data, music and other iOS apps. These get resided on remote computer servers for download to multiple devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. However, it supports iOS 5.0 version or a later only version only. Furthermore, this can be utilized for storing various other sets of information. These include emails, contacts, calendars, bookmarks, notes, reminders (to-do lists), iWork documents, photos and other data. Additionally there is an advantageous provisioning of providing back-up for their iOS devices to the iCloud. Thus, this kills the tedious process of manually performing back-up using iTunes.icloud

Usually users backup the entire data to the iCloud. However at some point of time they may want to delete some items from the backup. These can be in the form of documents, mail, Apps data, and music or can be several other files. Therefore it is a simple process to back up and remove these over the course of time. The process demonstrates on how these iCloud documents can be removed directly from the iPhone.


  • Initially, begin by simply deleting a document by tapping on “Edit”. Hereafter, tap on the red button which is present alongside the document name.
  • Thereafter, you will have to delete all documents that are related to that specific app. This is done by selecting the big red “Delete All” button.
  • The particular example is displayable below: Here shown are TextEdit documents being modified through iOS.delete-icloud-documents-ios
  • Next to delete the respective documents, you will have to tap on the red minus icon i.e. viewable. Choosing this icon will help you individually delete the specific documents. If you choose “Delete All” option, it will aid in removing all of the items in one go.

Thus this is a simple method to process the task to achieve the desired motive. However, this process os time consuming as the user will have to go manually through each settings and apps one by one properly.

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