Usually it maybe suppositioned that changing or replacing an iPhone 5′s battery is an arduous task and this can be thought due to various reasons. Firstly the unibody finish and the lack of a removable back cover outing pin point that such an activity is difficult. However keeping aside the presumptions and focusing on reality, it is much easier than presumed previously. The right tools and patience are the only ingredients that are integral for performing this action.iPhone 5 back

There have been several instances when an iPhone’s battery deteriorates over a long period of time and during the time that it is not functioning properly or the battery starts giving problems; people simply go out and buy a whole new device rather than even making it an attempt to change and install a new battery. Although it is annoying to access this area using screwdriver and as this operation turns out to be warranty-voiding procedure, it is simply not surprising that people don’t opt for this step and believe in a simplified approach of buying a new device altogether.

The video below depicts this procedure in simple steps:

The aforementioned method is a faster approach which can be undertaken in such circumstances. And if you are running a jailbreak on your device, then anyways you are voiding your warranty; then that is why you can facilitate this method to perform the intended task in a speedy manner.

What are your thoughts on this speedy method? Did you try it? Share your experience in the comments below.

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