We have aggrandized to an age where Smartphones are integral part of everyone’s life because of the plethora of functionalities provided by the handset. Thus, it stores important files, data, documents and other various conversations. In such cases, it is very important to have a backup for the particular device. Traditionally, many reasons can be accounted culpable for the loss of the device’s files, documents, contacts etc. Hence it is mandatory to have an idea regarding how you should restore the device back to the proper working states based on the previous backup. The following steps explain the user a procedure which is presented out for restoring the iPhone from a previous backup. Along these lines, to get the previous backup the user can simply download that from the computer. This is because all the files, documents, other information resident on the device are backed up every time you sync the phone with the computer. Therefore, whenever you are in the need for restoration of the phone from a previous backup, you will simply need to download the backup files from the phone to restore the backup files.
Restore iPhone from Backup


  1. At the beginning, you should connect your iPhone to the PC using a USB cable.
  2. Hereafter, open iTunes and the respective device is detected automatically.
  3. Select “Device”. Then choose “Summary”
  4. Now, click on “Restore” in the “Version” box
  5. Select “Back Up”. After the selection is done, iTunes thereafter creates a new backup of your iPhone.
  6. Later, choose “Restore” which sets the restore in progress,
  7. Tap “Ok” and that helps in automatic restoration of the iPhone for the particular factory settings. Thereupon, all data files get wiped off and the iPhone automatically is restarted.
  8. Choose “Restore from the backup of:”
  9. Next, you need to choose the particular backup file you want to restore.
  10. After that tap on “Continue” and the restoration process is in progress. When it’s done, the iPhone restarts automatically and you can easily get the data which was previously resident on your iDevice.
  11. Later, it’s safe to disconnect the device.

Note: After you sync your iPhone 5/4S with PC, at first only 1 backup is kept by iTunes. It is construed to be the most important backup to restore your respective device. However, in some instances there may be other backups which are displayed along-with the other backup files. But, the user has to ensure that these specific files are the backups from various restore points. So, you shouldn’t end up performing a backup using these backup files. It is advisable for the user to backup every 2 weeks or month.

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