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Samsung Galaxy S4 was launched some weeks ago with a lot of hype. It came with both quad-core as well as octa-core processors and it was released with different carriers and variants. The method to root the Samsung Galaxy S4 was different for different variants and carriers. There was no common method.

XDA Elite Recognized Developer AdamOutler has created a simple method to root and install the TWRP recovery on the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4. The user will have to install the CASUAL tool on the computer and then just click the “Do It” button. After a few moments, the device will be rooted and TWRP recovery will be installed. All this without any fuss !


It should be noted that for CASUAL to work, Java must be installed on the computer. In addition to having Java on the host machine, you also need to have USB debugging enabled on the target device.

For Windows 32/64 bit users, CASUAL will put the device into Download Mode. It will automatically flash everything. If drivers are required, the CASUAL tool will handle it. CASUAL also supports Windows 8, but the user must install drivers for Download Mode first.

Mac works easier than any other system at the time of this systems. Some Macs (especially Macbook Air) have a problem with USB port voltages and that causes the device not to be recognized.

Once CASUAL is installed on the computer, the process becomes very easy. All the instructions will be visible on the screen. The user just has to follow them.
Download CASUAL from here.

Note: Follow this post at your own risk. If the device gets bricked, the writer or the owner of this site must not be held responsible.

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