All those who have spent a fortune to buy the latest smartphone by Samsung, the Galaxy S III, would want to tap into the full potential of the phone by rooting it. Here is a full guide to the rooting process of Galaxy S III:

Disclaimer: By following this tutorial you agree that the Rooting process will be implemented at your own risk. No member of this site will be responsible for any bricked phones!

Given the above risk, the entire Rooting process would barely take 5 mins and is quite safe!

Note: This process is applicable for only Windows users!


  • microUSB cable
  • At least 50% of battery charge.
  • Root package
  • Make sure the Galaxy S III drivers are installed in your PC. (You can verify this by going to Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Device Manager. In the Device Manager there should be an entry called “Samsung Mobile USB CDC Composite Device“. If it is not present, you have to install Samsung Kies)
  • And, Some patience!

Now that you’ve ensured that you have all the requirements, let us begin…

Step 1:
Now pick up your S III and press and hold the Volume-Down button, Home button, and Power buttons together for 20 seconds. The phone will enter into “Download mode”.

Step 2:
Once in Download Mode, the phone will display an warning. Press the Volume-Up button to continue!

Step 3:
Now you can connect your phone to the PC using the microUSB cable.

Step 4:
Unzip the Root package that you downloaded in a location of your convenience. There will be 3 files in the package. Double click on odin3 v1.85.exe. You should see a window like this:
(The Name of the Device Appears as Epic 4G, because its a Software bug. You can neglect it!)

Odin 3

Step 5:
There should be a yellow highlighted box with a COM number. If not then your drivers aren’t installed correctly!

Step 6:
Now press on the PDA button and select the “CF-Root-SGS3-v6.1.tar” file from the unziped Root package file.

Step 7:
In about 10 seconds your phone will reboot and give you Clockwork Mod recovery and full root!

Warning: DO NOT UNPLUG your device while doing this as it may brick your phone or cause other damage to your device.

Step 8:
If the window shows “PASS” all went correctly and your device will Reboot into Clockwork Mod and Flash the Superuser/Root files.

Step 9:
If your phone reboots successfully then CONGRATS! You have Rooted your Galaxy S III. To double check, make sure you have a “Superuser” App in your Applications list.

Tip: Once rooted if you want to enter into recovery just follow the same process as for entering download mode i.e press and hold the Volume-Down button, Home button, and Power buttons together for 20 seconds.

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