Previously, we saw how to unlock the bootloader of the Sony Xperia Z. This is an essential step if the Sony Xperia Z owners want to root the phone. Once the bootloader is unlocked, rooting Sony Xperia Z is possible. Rooting helps an individual to gain complete control over the device. The users who want to root Sony Xperia Z can follow the steps given below.

Requirements :

Steps :

  1. Download all the files on the desktop.
  2. Extract files from the Fastboot archive to the desktop. You’ll get fastboot.exe along with some other files.
  3. Connect the phone to the PC using USB cable and turn off the phone.
  4. Reboot the device into Fastboot mode by holding the Volume UP button and connect the other-end of the USB cable to your device.
  5. Open command prompt on the PC by holding the Shift button on the keyboard and right-click on any empty area on the screen, then select “Open command window here”.
  6. Type “fastboot flash boot Z_DooMLoRD_CF-Auto-Root-ported_FW-350.img” in the command prompt window without the quotes.
  7. After this, type “fastboot reboot”.
  8. The device will now start booting.
  9. Unplug it from your PC and hard power off your device by holding the Power button and the Volume UP button for about 15 seconds.
  10. Get the device into Fastboot mode by holding the Volume UP key and plugging-in the USB cable.
  11. Again open command prompt and type “fastboot flash boot Z_DooMLoRD_insecure_FW-350.img”
  12. Next, type “fastboot reboot”.
  13. After reboot, install BusyBox.
  14. Done! Sony Xperia Z is now rooted.

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