Smartphones are designed to make the users smarter, ingenious, quick-witted, bold, and jaunty towards various events or happenings taking place around the world that we live in. Being dexterous and alert is a resourceful boon considering the hustle bustle in life and the importance of time.

Speed Dial is one feature or peculiarity that can prove superbly fruitful in crunch situations when you have to make that all important call for set priority or the other. Having contacts listed on a separate home screen can prove a beneficial service in the times of need or for that matter to improve simplicity, usability, accessibility, favorability for the users. It also helps improve the ease of operation and functionality!

The Speed Dial or Favorite Contacts can prove fruitful in the time of need (Example: Calling up while helping a person who’s met with an accident) or in the times of good deed (Wishing on celebratory occasions or other times)

Having a Speed Dial list can prove as a sharp and handy asset for easily serviceable calls or to call the frequent contacts.

The subsequent Steps to Setup Speed Dial on your Android devices are as follows. These steps are a child’s play and break no problem, no sweat over their application. Let’s look forward to these uncomplicated steps:

  • The built in Dial function’s availability can be used; starting with finding a screen somewhere around the Home screen or even the Home screen (if there is space available) Keeping all-contacts as small miniatures will be a fool-hardy idea. Selecting the mandatory and the important contacts on one screen can prove advantageous in saving time (as we don’t need to search the lot) Hence, pick the screen where you want to place the Contacts for Speed Dial
  • After we create the propagating screen, press the button on your respective screen and go to the ADD option. Under this option, Go to the “SHORTCUTS”. Now clicking on the same, you are presented with more options. Under this collection, select the “DIRECT DIAL” or “DIRECT MESSAGE” option (whichever you are interested in)

  • After selecting this particular option, Now select the contacts that you want to keep on the Speed Dial list. This selection and confirmation occurs by pressing on the contact after going to the contacts page list in our phone directory. The contacts that are with multiple lines may face the need for multiple shortcuts.

  • After the icons get added on the particular screen that you had selected initially, now the placement of these icons can also be organized according to the user’s convenience, need, requirement, demand and urgency. The process now becomes a one-click initiation to contact the respective person who’s Named icon is situated on the speed dial Homescreen.

Now, you have successfully Setup Speed Dial for your Favorite Contacts on your Android device. Now you have your favorite contacts right on your Homescreen!

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