Jailbroken devices provide a propitious way for facilitating new tips and tricks on your device. It is indeed a beneficial aspect as the user can employ a plethora of customized features, characterizations onto the device. During such instances, another such advantageous possibility will be to have a custom message popup welcoming you when you turn on your device. This feature can be availed with the help of a Cydia tweak which allows you to employ a welcome message on your iDevice.

WelcomeMe provides a feature to set up any custom message that you want. Thus whenever the iPhone or iPad turns on or re-springs, this particular message gets displayable to your eyes.iDevices


  1. At the beginning, you should navigate to Cydia. Search for: “WelcomeMe”WelcomeMe Cydia Tweak
  2. After you find the same, you should click on the “Install” button. When it gets installed on your phone, the device will ask you to “Restart Springboard”. Perform this action to proceed ahead.
  3. Subsequentially your device gets re-sprung. Thereafter you will notice that a popup message that displays up. Next, you will have to go to the Settings app and scroll down the page until you specifically find WelcomeMe. Click on the same & open it.
  4. At this point of time, you can create and enter your own personal message in the respective text bracketed space. Here you can write anything that you want and whatever that you may want to write as the custom popup message. Additionally, there’s a facility provided to even use Emoji’s in the text.
  5. Later when you are done, you will have to power off or re-spring your iOS device. When it is re-sprung, your custom made dedicated pop up message appears on the screen.

Hence, it is like child’s play to facilitate such an aspect onto the device. Whenever you re spring your device everytime, you get greeted by your special message. WelcomeMe is compatible with all the Jailbroken devices. Also, it works on iOS5+ and this is available for free.

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