Frequent with the frenzied lifestyle an individual resides in, it is expected that occasionally a user is bound to forget a certain mandatory thing on the particular day’s agenda. It may so happen during many instances that such incidents slip out from the memory due to various other reasons or issues. Thus, having a device that serves the ability to remind the user is an excellent option considering the fast-growing nature of today’s life. Hence, the individuals put to use reminders on their respective

Along these lines, having the facility to share reminders to the contacts is an interesting option. This can be useful during instances when the user has an activity involved with other individuals and needs to make certain pre-arrangements corresponding with the same or there could be different situations altogether governing the entire purpose of having reminders.

The feature was previously present on the Mountain Lion OS, but now it is also functional on the iCloud website. The utility of this approach is that one can share the reminders to various other contacts on the basis of the reminder application or the email via the iCloud website.

Steps on how to share Reminders online using iCloud:

  1. Initially the user must go to and enter the respective log-in details.
  2. Thereafter the individual must click on the Reminder app on the iCloud dashboard.
  3. Here, there will be a small Wi-Fi icon presented out on the app’s left side. After this is pressed,
  4. After this is pressed, a dialog box appears asking the user to provide email address to share the reminder to that specific email address.iCloud-Shared-Reminders
  5. Once the above instructions are followed, click done.

The beneficial aspect of sharing a reminder involves the ability that the sent reminder appears in the other individual’s email. Hence, this aspect is highly advantageous when the user will want to share a reminder at work or from a Mac.

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