Traditionally Google Calendar has been the commonly used application for the Android users. This particular functionality is very useful in keeping track of various information and other appointments, events etc. There are various alternatives provided for the iPhone users but facilitating the Google Calendar on the iPhone requires a series of innumerable steps. This involves right away from setting up the Apple device to enabling Google Sync with the provided aspect. This is due to the fact that iPhone’s Calendar application is the primary attributed app which is resident on the iPhone. Hence, explained below are the steps to facilitate this aspect and complete the intended task.sync-google-calendar-with-iphone-and-ipad

Steps to sync Google Calendar with the iOS devices:

  1. At the beginning, you will require to have a Gmail account for the creation of a personal calendar.
  2. Initially, open Safari on your iPhone and go to Google Sync.
  3. Here, select Manage devices.
  4. Then, you will have to choose all the calendars that you want to sync with your iPhone.
  5. Hereafter, click on Save and press the Home button. After this, choose Settings from the Home Screen.
  6. Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
  7. Later, open Account and proceed to creating a new account. Select Microsoft Exchange.
  8. Consequently, insert the particular Gmail address for the Email.
  9. Put “” as related to the Domain.
  10. Subsequently, put your Gmail username for the Username.
  11. Input the Google Calendar password for Password.
  12. Make a selection on “Google Calendar” in reference to Description and click Next.
  13. For the server, insert “”.
  14. Select “Next” & turn “ON” Mail
  15. Also, you will have to turn “ON” Contacts
  16. Once the above tasks are completed, simply click Done.

During the times that you need to open the Google Calendar on your handset now, simply tap the Calendar app. The Google Calendar can be opened on the Calendars screen as displayable and these multiple calendars can also be synced on to the Apple device. The following are the steps explained to sync multiple Google Calendars on your respective iOS device.

  1. At the start, you need to ensure that Calendar has be synced.
  2. Then choose the Settings. Go to Mail/Contacts/Calendars.
  3. Here, choose Add Account and Gmail.
  4. At this point of time, if previously you have already added a Gmail account; then select on add another account. Choosing Gmail from the list, you can easily add multiple Gmail accounts from the list.
  5. Later, simply follow the steps as aforementioned above on how the calendar app can be synced onto iPhone or iPad.

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  1. Posted February 26, 2013 at 10:26 pm | Permalink

    This article is now outdated. Google does not support sync for calendar and contacts on non-Android devices. Exception is if you are a paid customer like an organisation.

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