The calendar app serves the purpose for scheduling appointments, reminders, notes and other information saved for the user’s benefit. Usually, Google calendar services the aspect in this purpose but there are plenty of alternatives to use which can provide the necessitated functionality in a better way to the users. This can depend from individuals to individuals. iCal aids in assisting as the calendar application on the iPhone, iPad and iPod. Supporting swipe gestures and easy facility for addition of events, appointments; it employs an important approach for keeping track of the schedule in an organized way. There are various options dished out to sync the iCal on the respective device. This can be done via iTunes with a data connection or by utilizing iCloud.iCal

Steps on how to sync iCal with iPhone 4S/5 using iTunes:

  1. Initially you need to connect your device to Mac Pc using a USB cable.
  2. After this, you should open iTunes and choose your particular device under the “Devices”.
  3. Next, click on “Info” and you need to tick the “Sync Calendars” checkbox which is displayable on screen.
  4. Thereupon, select your calendar by simply choosing “All calendars” or “Selected calendars”.
  5. Hereafter, click “Apply” and the task will be over.

Instructions to Sync iCal and iPhone 4S/5 with iCloud:

  1. At the beginning navigate to the “Apple” menu. Then click on “About this mac”.
  2. Now selecting the “Apple” menu, pick out the “System Preferences” and choose “Show All”.
  3. Make a selection on the “Internet and Wireless”.
  4. Select “iCloud”.
  5. Hereafter, log into your particular account by simply inserting the Apple Id and the password for the same.
  6. After this, tick on checkbox that mentions “Use iCloud for contacts, calendars and bookmarks”.
  7. Additionally, also select the checkbox “Use Find My Mac” to service this particular aspect.
  8. Select “Next” and choose the calendars by simply checking the box next to “Calendars”.
  9. After a pop up is seen, selecting “Merge” will combine the entire information files along-with iCal data.
  10. Now, navigating to Settings on your device you should select “General” and “About”.
  11. Select “Settings” and click on “iCloud” to input your Apple ID and password.
  12. Sign in and turn on “Calendars” and this facilitates automatic synchronization of your calendar data with iCal.

Steps for setting up iPhone 4S/5:

  1. At the start visit “Settings” on your device.
  2. Select “General” and “About” and choose “Settings”.
  3. Enter your Apple ID and password to “Sign in”. This is done by clicking on “iCloud”.
  4. Hereafter, turn on “Calendars” and the particular Calendar data is synced with iCal.

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