A syncing arrangement is the utmost priority when a music addicted individual finds an easy way to playlists that are presented, available on a desktop & to port it to a handset. The inability to manage and sync music is indeed a superlative benefit of the Android phone. Thus, an android device acts as a direct replacement for MP3 players if the whole playlist can be embedded onto the respective handset.

Just as the iTunes is the commonplace with the other users in the Mac world, propositioned as an alternative to the iTunes alternative is a representative by the name of DoubleTwist for PC. Also acquisition ed with a newly upgraded feature called as the AirSync, it provisions out a functionality that makes the syncing process a cakewalk. The feature of wirelessly sync your music, movies, and pictures from your smart phone with your PC is the bestowing functionality that is dished out by this particular application. The great deal of acquiring benefit is the ability of being able to sync over wi-fi. Hence, no USB required and the peculiarity lies in syncing playlists wirelessly to my device.

It is a frank plausible understanding that iTunes will outright reject an Android handset, hence after one migrates to Android from an Apple device it is a clear approach that one needs to leave iTunes syncing far beyond the realms of possibility.

Let’s enlist the steps in a formulated order to depict the process in a series of steps-

  • By far the traditional thing to do- Download the doubleTwist Client for PC or Mac. This can be done by going to their website.
  • Even though there is a App available for doubleTwist media-player, the service of syncing can only be provided by setting up the desktop version. This can be downloaded from the Play Store for free. You can download the file from here.

Client Interface

  • Once the application is setup, launched/ run the operation that is performed by it includes the scanning the PC for identifying media files. Using the library menu, an individual can also import music, photos, and videos alongwith playlists from the iTunes and/or Windows Media Player.
  • The important step supplementary after this is attaching the handset via USB & the phone can be seen under Devices. This is depicted when we click the phone’s status as to USB Mass Storage or Disk Drive mode.
  • Subsequently after the particular Android phone selection takes place, we are provided with sync options. There are functionalities that are provided alongside the usual options by syncing on part of media collection browsing tabs, choosing options. These can be manifested by just clicking the sync button. A feature of drag & drop is also available between the library and the device. Thus, it is quick and seamless as everything else.

Step 1: Connect your computer and phone to the same wireless network.

Step 2: AirSync needs to be launched now, and select Yes to set up Wi-Fi pairing.

Step 3: The name of the particular device needs to be chosen under devices in the the DoubleTwist desktop program. Upon entering a certain passcode displayed on the phone, the normal syncing operations can be performed easily.

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