Some messages can be of significant importance. Hence these have to be stored on your device or somewhere else for future use. In such cases having a backup of your iphone SMS messages is an advantageous functionality. This is notably helpful in instances of updation of the iOS firmware, or during repairs or some other situations or during factory reset. Therefore these specified items need to be stored safely due to potential circumstances that can surface up over the course of time. Hence the article assists your progress in keeping an iPhone SMS or text messages backup. Additionally this particularized data is exported it to MS Excel, as a PDF file or as a HTML file.
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  1. At the beginning, you will need to take a backup of your iOS Device. This process is performed by using the latest version of iTunes and then this backup can be saved onto the PC. You will just need to connect your iPhone to the PC using a standard data cable and opening iTunes. Next you will see that iPhone was successfully detected. Afterwards, plenty of options are viewable for backup
  2. Thereafter once the backup has been taken, simply you will need to find this particularized backup file on your windows computer or Mac. The following set of processes can be utilized to find the respective file:For Windows XP, C:\Documents & Settings > [your username] > Application Data > Apple Computer > MobileSync > Backup, (With the assumption that the particular backup file is installed in C: drive.For Windows 7 & 8, C:\Users > [your username] > AppData > Roaming > Apple Computer > MobileSync > BackupFor OS X, the backup file is located at User > Library > Application Support > MobileSync > Backup
  3. Afterwards when you reach to this particular location, the individual is displayed to long encrypted files by Apple. This needs to be decrypted and therefore software or a tool needs to be utilized for the same.
  4. Hereafter a third party service will prove as an advantageous source for extracting the contents of this file. Eventually, this is exported to the format as desired by the user.
  5. The user will need to head over to After you go to this site, there viewable is an upload button over there. At this moment of time, select the particularized encrypted file. Next the respective operations are performed and you will simply need to follow the on screen tips. 

Therefore this web app helps in exporting the particular readable text messages or iPhone SMS as the HTML, PDF or MS Excel format files.

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