A matchless and an incomparable App to train dogs the technological way has been developed. Gone are the days trying to train dogs the verbal way and sensory ways; this app focuses on a simple formula that is understood by dogs and cats. The individualistic trait or the marked concept behind the App’s formulation is based on a whistle that emits sound in the ultrasonic range. This bizarre sound notifies and attracts the attention of dogs which allows the particular individual to take control and emphasizing on the training regime as per requirements.

New tricks can be coached and initiated through the use of the dog whistle. The application’s enhance ability is that frequency ranges from 80Hz to 20,000 Hz can be devised for the operationing of these presented tweaks in the App. These imparted tweaks can aid the dog to a specific hearing range and the levels have to be chosen activating a frequency range by pushing the slider which is seen when we start the App.

About the Dog Whistle App

The unique can be used wisely on Dogs or to irritate your Opposition. The following features can be inferred from it’s usage:

  1. Train your dog to do tricks!
  2. Train your dog to stop barking!
  3. Use it on your own dog OR other dogs!
  4. Use it on humans to make them mad!

Dog Training Whistle interfaceDog Training Whistle frequency modification

Using the Dog Whistle Android App

This unconventional App can be used in the following ways:

  • After we install the Dog Whistle App, we open the application i.e. we run the App. When this App starts, a very disturbing, irritating, rankling noise starts. The sound that is propagated and introduced initially is the sound made by the air forced through metal tubing. The prominent actual whistle is not worked up for us to hear. This is just the secondary noise.
  • Now, depending on the frequency that is suitable for the dog, continue testing. This is performed while the dog is asleep and the whistle is gently blown thereafter. The continuation occurs till the dog perks up. After the dog is made active by the trigger of the whistle, now is the moment that the required frequency has been attained as per the dog’s adjustment.
  • Managing and manipulating around the frequency levels, finally according to the frequency that suits the dog, that is chosen and it is imperative that the commands are kept consistent so that the dog always has a habitual idea to what is being expected. Basically, certain analogies need to be developed for the understanding. As ans Example: Keeping it simple with small bursts might be hinting at sitting, whereas long strong bursts might sound the order as to come.
  • The frequency to be chosen has plenty options as well with a variety of sound types. You can chose whichever seems suitable and perfect for your dog!
  • Various frequencies of this App can be successfully used not only to drive away stray dogs but also to keep away some small animals, cats, mice and other insects.

You can Download the Dog Whistle App from the Android Play store by Clicking here.

Note: We have heard from some of the users that,, this App can install Adware on your Android device. So, beware before you install it!

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